Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chick Update 2013

We ended up with eight hens from our 2013 Chick Adventure and 1 rooster.  We had decided on raising Jersey Giants, but as chick sorting goes we have 5 Jersey Giants (4 hens, 1 rooster), 3 Australorp hens, and 1 Copper Maran hen.  Our hens started laying October/November.  We get about 4 eggs a day.  We do not feed them commercial feed.  We mix our own feed and feed them table scraps.  They also have a large run to forage in.  Here are a couple updated pictures.

 First few eggs.
 First dozen!
 Chickens are about 7-9 months old.
The first few pictures are from the summer.  You can see how much they have grown from the first picture to the last picture.  You can also see our Jersey Giant rooster, who we affectionately named Ed.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pursuit of Eating Better

As part of my new year’s resolution, I want to eat better, so I can be healthier and have more energy. I find that I struggle a lot of days with my energy level being too low.  I find me really struggling to get through the day and complete normal tasks.

So I started researching how to be healthier, how to eat healthier. I like to cook but up to this point it has been meat and potatoes mostly. So I am posting some links on this blog as I find them for myself. I do not want to diet! I want to change my eating habits and lifestyle.

Mind Body Green

Meatless Monday

Engine 2 Diet